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We are modern enterprise specializing in producing all types of sanitary wares with domestic and european, american design. Our company introduced high standard techniques, product development and advanced equipment.

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Industry Knowledge

A bathtub shower faucet is a type of plumbing fixture that is used to control the flow of water in a bathtub shower. It typically consists of a handle, a spout, and valves that regulate the temperature and flow of water. Some bathtub shower faucets also have features such as built-in diverters for switching between the showerhead and the bathtub spout, or multiple showerheads for a more customizable showering experience.

What Are The Types of Bathtub Shower Faucets?

There are several types of bathtub shower faucets, including:
Single handle: A single handle faucet operates both the temperature and flow of water with a single lever.
Dual handle: A dual handle faucet has separate handles for controlling the temperature and flow of water.
Pressure-balancing: A pressure-balancing faucet automatically adjusts the flow of hot and cold water to maintain a consistent water temperature, even if someone flushes a toilet or turns on another water source.
Thermostatic: A thermostatic shower faucet maintains a constant temperature by automatically adjusting the flow of hot and cold water.
Wall-mounted: A wall-mounted shower faucet is mounted directly onto the wall of the shower or bathtub, rather than being installed on the rim of the bathtub.
Handheld: A handheld shower faucet has a detachable showerhead on a hose, allowing for greater versatility and accessibility in the shower.
Diverter: A diverter faucet has a built-in mechanism for switching the water flow between the showerhead and the bathtub spout.
The Origin of The Bathtub Shower Faucet
The origin of the bathtub shower faucet is not clear and is difficult to trace back to a specific inventor or time period. However, the concept of regulating the flow of water for bathing purposes has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks and Romans used various systems of aqueducts, cisterns, and lead pipes to control the flow of water for bathing and other purposes.
As plumbing technology advanced, the design and function of bathtub shower faucets evolved to meet the needs of modern users. By the 19th century, many homes in the Western world had indoor plumbing, including bathtubs and faucets. Over time, new innovations such as single-handle faucets, pressure-balancing valves, and handheld showerheads were introduced to make bathtub shower faucets more convenient and efficient.
Today, the bathtub shower faucet is a common and essential component of many bathrooms, and the range of styles and features available continues to evolve to meet the needs of consumers.

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