Three Common Faucet Valve Core Materials


    Now the most common cold and hot shower faucet spools are divided into three types: ceramic disc spools, stainless steel ball spools, and roller spools.

    The ceramic valve core is currently the most popular type of faucet valve core. Compared with other material valve cores, the ceramic pieces of high-quality ceramic valve cores are stamped and formed with dry powder and are continuously fired in a computer-controlled tunnel furnace. Double-sided automatic grinding, polishing, and cleaning, so it is high-strength and wear-resistant. This kind of high-aluminum ceramic sheet with high finish and ultra-fine grinding is used as the main seal and has a long service life. However, the ceramic spool also has shortcomings, which require high water quality, and water quality with more impurities will affect its service life.

    Generally speaking, the ceramic valve core can be divided into stainless steel ceramic valve core, copper ceramic valve core and resin ceramic valve core according to the body shell.

    Stainless steel ball valve core is a new type of valve core material, which requires relatively high-quality raw materials for making valve cores. The requirements for the use environment are not high, generally they will not be corroded by impurities, and there is no need to worry about affecting the service life. Therefore, it is recommended to use faucets with such valve cores in areas with poor water quality at home.

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