What Are The Salient Features Of The Pull-Out Faucet?


    The head of the pull-out faucet adopts a pull-out design, which can realize the extension of the head. Generally, it is equipped with a pull-out hose with a length of 0.8 to 1 meter, so it can thoroughly clean the corners of the sink that cannot be reached by traditional faucets. The kitchen floor around the sink truly realizes cleaning without dead ends.

    Stainless steel pull-out faucets generally also have the function of switchable water flow, which can realize the free conversion of columnar water and sparkling water, and can adapt to different cleaning scenarios.

    What are the advantages of the pull-out faucet?

    First of all, the drain outlet of the traditional tap is fixed. Usually, it is very inconvenient to use a larger volume to receive water, but the telescopic tap properly solves this problem.

    The telescopic water faucet can extend up to 1.5 meters of stainless steel hose from the nozzle, and the rotation angle can reach 360 degrees, and the nozzle can easily reach the area you need.

    The tap faucet is very easy to get oil stains and water stains, and after several cleanings, the surface of the tap faucet is very easy to dull. However, the telescopic tap is not easy to have such a problem. The unique coating is used to solve the technical problem. The cleaning solution does not fade, does not corrode, is not easy to stick to oil stains, is easy to clean, and is resistant to wear and tear.


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