The Structural Difference Between Single Valve And Double Valve Faucet


    Basin faucets are very common in our lives, and there are many kinds of faucets on the market now. As far as single and double valve faucets are concerned, they also have many differences.​​

    The single-valve single-hole faucet is a more traditional style. The faucet has only one water inlet and only one valve, which is usually only used for the inflow and outflow of cold water. Single-valve two-hole faucet means that there is only one valve but two water inlets, one is cold and the other is hot. Generally, the purpose of controlling and adjusting the hot and cold water is achieved by the left and right rotation of the valve.

    The two-valve single-hole faucet has only one water inlet, but there are two valves. This style of faucet is not commonly used in home life. The double-valve double-hole faucet has two water inlets and two valves. One valve of this faucet controls cold water and the other controls hot water. The disadvantage is that it lacks the function of reconciling hot and cold water.

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