How To Disassemble If There Is a Problem With The Basin


    When our washbasin is blocked, leaking, or unable to store water, it is likely to be caused by omissions or problems in the installation of the wash basin faucet. In this case, we need to consider the removal of the washbasin faucet.

    Before we are ready to remove the washbasin faucet, we need to find the water inlet valve of the pipe. The location of the water inlet valve is often on the wall below the washbasin. We need to screw on the angle valve, and then cut off the water in the water pipe. Otherwise, when we disassemble the faucet, it will easily cause a large amount of water to appear in the nozzle, resulting in waste of water.

    After screwing on the angle valve, there will still be some water left in the water pipe, open the faucet to drain the remaining water. When installing the basin faucet, use the water inlet hose to connect the water inlet port of the basin faucet to the angle valve. When disassembling, hold the water pipe with one hand, twist the wrench with the other hand, and remove the end of the water inlet hose connected to the basin faucet.

    When installing the basin faucet, it needs to be tightened after connecting the water inlet hose, and the nut will lock it. Therefore, after removing the water inlet hose, find the fastener of the basin faucet, unscrew it with pliers or a wrench, and fix the basin Take out the faucet.

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