Faucet Names Under Different Classification Methods


    The pull out kitchen faucet manufacturers introduces you to what faucets are called.

    According to the structure, the faucet can be divided into several types of faucets such as single-connection, double-connection, and triple-connection. In addition, there are single handle and double handle points. The single type can be connected to a cold water pipe or a hot water pipe, and the double type can be connected to both hot and cold pipes at the same time. In addition to connecting the two pipes of hot and cold water, the triple type can also be connected to the shower head, which is mainly used for the faucet of the bathtub. The single handle faucet can adjust the temperature of cold and hot water through one handle, while the double handle needs to adjust the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe respectively to adjust the water temperature.

    According to the material, it can be divided into cast iron, all-plastic, all-copper, alloy material faucet and other categories, according to the use function can be divided into bath faucets, basin faucet, kitchen faucet. However, according to the structural characteristics, it can be divided into three faucets with a single treatment nozzle, a 90° switch faucet, and a rubber with a steadily increasing spiral.

    According to the opening method, it can be divided into screw type, wrench type, lift type and induction type. When the screw-type handle is opened, it needs to be rotated many times; the wrench-type handle generally only needs to be rotated 90 degrees; the lift-type handle only needs to be lifted up to discharge water; the sensor-type faucet can receive water as long as the hand is placed under the faucet.

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