Faucet Material Chrome Plating Or Stainless Steel Which Is Better


    Take bathroom shower faucets as an example, brass chrome plating and stainless steel are two things, with different characteristics, different types, and different compositions. However, in terms of the nature of use, there is no big difference. Although copper does not rot for many years, no matter how powerful the electroplating process is, there will still be a phenomenon of de-plating after a few years. If stainless steel is too brittle, it is easy to age, and if the grade is different, it will rust.

    But stainless steel has good weldability, corrosion resistance, good polishing performance, and strong heat resistance. The main component of chrome plating is not metal chromium salt, but chromic acid, an oxidizing acid of chromium, which belongs to a strong acid electroplating solution. Due to the excellent performance of the chrome layer, it is widely used as the outer layer and functional coating of the protective-decorative coating system and has always played an important role in the electroplating industry.

    The copper faucet contains a small amount of heavy metal lead. The high-quality copper material can play a certain role in bacteria, but if the material is of poor quality, there may be a lot of heavy metals in it. However, the current copper material technology is relatively complete, as long as the right manufacturer is selected, there is no need to worry about this problem. The 304 series stainless steel is completely free of lead, so the stainless steel is better in terms of health, but the current stainless steel is relatively difficult, so the stainless steel faucets on the market are more or less flawed. Therefore, if you choose a faucet, it is better to choose fine copper forging.

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