Advantages Of Pull-Out Faucets Compared To Traditional Faucets


    The water outlet of the traditional faucet is fixed. If you use a larger container to collect water, it may not be able to put it down. The pull-out faucet is more convenient to use, and the faucet can be moved directly without the need to move the container.

    The design of the pull-out faucet is very user-friendly. Generally, it can pull out a 1.5-meter stainless steel hose, and the rotation angle can reach 360 degrees, which is more user-friendly.

    The surface of the pull-out faucet adopts a special coating treatment technology, which not only does not fade with cleaning agents but also is not easy to corrode. Even if it is stained with oil, it can be easily cleaned.

    This faucet adopts special welding material and does not contain cadmium, which effectively eliminates harmful metals and reduces harm to the human body. And the surface of the pull-out faucet is very durable and has a long service life.

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